Government of Chhattisgarh
Water Resources Department

(NABARD Assistance)
Many a schemes under the Water Resources Department have remained incomplete for years because of insufficient funds. In order to complete these schemes with the financial assistance from NABARD, RIDF was launched in the year 1995-96.
437 Schemes, for an assistance of Rs. 3028.63 Crores, have been proposed from the 2nd through 19th Tranche/Phase (Till March-2014) of RIDF. It is targeted to create an additional irrigation potential of 210 thousand hectares by completing these schemes. Out of these 437 schemes, 306 schemes have already been completed and thus irrigation potential of 154 thousand hectares has been created. 35 Schemes out of the rest 131 schemes have already been deleted owing to various reasons and 39 schemes are incompleted due to tranche closed. The target is to complete the balance 7 schemes by December 2014 and 31 schemes by March 2015 and 19 schemes by March 2016.



1 Projects completed upto 3/2014 306 153973 Ha
2 Projects proposed to be completed upto 12/2014 7 4282 Ha
3 Projects proposed to be completed upto 3/2015 31 26934 Ha
4 Projects proposed to be completed upto 3/2016 19 8645 Ha
Total 363 193834 Ha